Wednesday, August 6, 2014

No Meat, No Muscle?

Might not be very scientific, but at least some food for thought!

"You don't say."
"Everyone knows you can't gain muscle on a plant based diet!"
"My strength comes from meat!"
"I can't say I'm Impressed."
-Average life span of a Bengal Tiger: 8-10 years.
-Average life span of an African Elephant: 60-70 years.
-The chubby guy in the top picture could lift about 200lbs.
-The silver-back gorilla, 1200 to 4000lbs (depending on your source).
-Common causes of death in tigers: Cancer, Kidney Failure, Human Factors, Trauma.
-Common causes of death in elephants: Old Age, Human Factors.
-Gorilla's share 97% of DNA with humans:
          Risk of heart disease in the chubby guy: High Risk
          Risk of heart disease in a wild gorilla: Near Zero

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